Tanzania Endemic Tour

When you think about Tanzania; the great migration, The Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro Crater and Kilimanjaro Mountains comes to mind. For the birding passionate this is a bucket list birding destination. With more than 30 endemics and more than 800 residents included in a bird list of just under 1300 species you can looking forward to unbelievable birding opportunities when we visit Tanzania.

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Day 01 : Pick up from the Kilimanjaro Airport overnight in a hotel in Moshi/Arusha depending on the time you arrived

Day 02:  South Pare Mountains/Same targets: South Pare White eye

Day 03- 04:  West Usambara Mountains/Magamba,  Targets:  Usambara Akalat, ,Usambara Wever,Usambara trush,Usambara double collored sumbird,spot throat ,Montane tiny greenbull,white chested alite,Red-capped Forest wobbler,

Day 05 -06: East Usambara Mountains/Amani : Kretschmer´s Longbill, Long-billed Forest Warbler, Sharpe´s Akalat,Usambara hyliota,banded green sunbird,Tanzania Illadopsis.Uluguru Violet Bucked Sunbird, Usambara Eagle Owl,Shelly’s greenbull,

Day 07-08: Uluguru Mountains/ Morogoro: Uluguru Bushshrike, Loveridge’s Sunbird, Bertram’s Weaver, Dark Batis, Shelley’s Greenbul, Chapin’s Apalis,

Day 09 –10: Uluguru Mountains/Morogoro: Targets Winifred’s Warbler, Olive-flanked Robin, Uluguru Greenbul, Uhehe Fiscal.

Day 11- Miombo Woodland/North of Mikumi: Targets: Hofmann’s Sunbird

Day 12-15:  Udzungwa Mountains/Udekwa: Targets: Udzungwa Forest Partridge, Kipengere Seed-eater, Iringa Akalat, Moreau´s Sunbird, Yellow-throated Greenbul,Churing Cistcola, Black-lored Cisticola(near endemic),   

Day16–17: Udzungwa Scarp Forest/Iringa: Targets: Rufous-winged Sunbird, Dapple-throat.

Day 18 -19: Kilombero Valley/Morogoro: Targets: White-tailed Cisticola   and Kilombero Cisticola, Kilombero Weave.

Day 20- 21: Ukaguru Mountains/Mrogoro: Targets: Rubeho Akalat and Rubeho Warbler

Day 22-  25:  Rubeho Mountains/Mpwapwa: Targets: Rubeho Forest Partridge, Gallardy Sunbird(newly discovered), Skye Sunbird,

Day 26: Mbulu Mountains/Babati: targets: Mbulu White-eye, Mbulu Robin,

Day 27: Tarangire/Arusha: Targets: Ashy Starling, Rufous-tailed Weaver,Yellow-collored love bird(east Africa endemic)

Day 28: Targets: Arusha National Park/Arusha: Kilimanjaro White eye,

Day 29: Lark plains-Engikaret/Arusha: Targets: Beesley’s lark


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