Our Safaris

When you think about Tanzania; the great migration, The Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro Crater and Kilimanjaro Mountains comes to mind. For the birding passionate this is a bucket list birding destination. With more than 30 endemics and more than 800 residents included in a bird list of just under 1300 species you can looking forward to unbelievable birding opportunities when we visit Tanzania.

Keep in mind that we also specialize in customized birding tours.
If you don’t see something here that suits your travel plans or birding wish list, let us put together your own tour for you.

Tanzania Endemic Trip

30 Days

Arusha and Usambara Mountains

16 Days

Southern Tanzania

21 Days

Pemba Endemics

4 Days

Nothern Tanzania

14 Days

Coastal Birding

14 Days