From its vast savannah plains to lush tea plantations, and from its snow-capped mountain summits to palm-fringed beaches, the east African country of Kenya provides a stunning backdrop for Africa’s most classic safari adventures. Kenya is divided into five major and very different geographical regions: the Highlands, the Great Rift Valley, the Western Plateau, the Coastal Region, and the Northern Plains.

Over 1,100 species of birds have been recorded in the country, including 13 endemic and a further 37 near-endemic species. General wildlife is also prolific here at any time, but nothing tops the annual Great Migration, when nearly two million wildebeest and zebra follow the rains to new grass.

This comprehensive Kenya birding tour will visit the most important locations in the country, ensuring a high species count, and more importantly, focusing on the species that are endemic, near-endemic, or ones not easily seen anywhere else in the region or on the continent. The tour is jam-packed with stunning and varied landscapes, Big Five sightings, great food, classic African safari scenery and of course, fantastic bird watching.

We have an optional 6-day extension to this tour that visits eastern and coastal Kenya, where we will bird in the famous Tsavo East National Park, Sokoke Forest and other hotspots along the coast. See the full itinerary for details about this extension.

Let’s go birding!

Central & Western Kenya

14 Days

Eastern & Coastal Kenya

14 Days

North Eastern Kenya

21 Days