“We find Birds for You”

We are the birding tour based in Arusha Tanzania but providing services across East African countries. Our birding safari experience goes back to 2015 where professional tour guides dedicated their time in leaning, watching and protecting birds and their habitat.

Our team has a passion in creating sustainability in birds and birding business through provision of birding tours and environmental education to the community especially young people who are interested in the birding industry.

By promoting mega birding tours we let you discover the adventures available in birding activities in East Africa hence encourage the community to engage in the habitat conservation to continue providing this adorable service.


Our vision is to be the best birding company in East Africa.


Our Mission is to provide professional birding services to local and international travellers.

Why Visit us

With a long birding experience we have built a good relationship with the

community where we are able to locate the bird’s destinations in East Africa and help you find birds even the most obstructive ones.  Our team will not only show you the birds but will also tell you the bird’s history for better understanding and documentations.  East Africa Birding Safari has both male and female birding guides who can well communicate in fluent English language.