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East Africa Birding Safaris

Welcome to East Africa Birding Safaris, a destination for all Birding and Nature Tours in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We offer top birding and photography tour which can all be customised  to your unique requirements. Our birding tours in East Africa visit all birding circuits in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda offering you the ultimate African safari adventures.

We have a broad variety of bird species in East Africa where Tanzania is a leading one with more than 1100+ species including 40+ endemics. All our East African birding safaris provide exceptional photographic opportunities to help you capture those wonderful memories of Africa. Our experienced bird guides will guide you to the perfect places where you will be able to observe the most of the bird species especially those obstructive ones.

Our Popular Birding Tour

East Africa Birding Safaris also contributes to the Birding sustainability through provision of environmental education to young people especially those who are members of Attraction Birds Conservation which is a non-profit organization.

30 days Tanzania Endemic

14 days Northern Tanzania

14 days Nothern parts and Usambara Mountain

21 Days SouthernTanzania

5 days Pemba Highland Endemic

14 days Coastal Kenya

16 days Central Kenya

14 days Kenya Endemic

21 days Uganda Birding Tour

16 days Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda Albertine Rift Endemic

10 Days Rwanda Birding